Virtualmin Upgrade Issue – Solved


Today I updated the packages on my server using the built-in “Virtualmin Package Updates” module.  This is a terrific script that updates all virtual and core Linux packages with just one click!  Several packages were updated including Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, ClamAV and of course Virtualmin (and a couple dozen more).  I was running on Virtualmin 3.79 and upgraded to 3.83.

Everything went smoothly except 2 things.  1) The ClamAV install failed, and 2) The AWStats package said it completed succesfully but after upgrade I was getting the follow error when Virtualmin does it’s “self configuration check”.

The AWstats command /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ was not found on your system.
Check the module configuration to make sure it is using the correct paths.

When I looked in /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ there are no files!! What gives?

Turns out the issue was because YUM was trying to pull the updates from some repositories I added manually while installing some other packages.


So I did the following to correct the issue:

1) Ran this command to remove the package:

rpm --erase --nodeps awstats

Temporarily renamed a couple repos that I saw were causing the packages to get updated to the “non-supported” versions, namely the rpmforge and atomic repos.  See screenshots below.

awstats rpmforge package repo

I needed to rename the repo file from “rpmforge.repo” to “rpmforge.repo.bak” so that it wouldn’t get picked up during the package install.

The standard location for these repos are:


After renaming the repo file I ran:

yum install awstats

And we see YUM is picking up the “Virtualmin approved” version of the package!

awstats virtualmin repo

Same deal for ClamAV, the atomic.repo was the one I had to temporarily remove in that case:

clamav atomic package repo

clamav virtualmin package repo

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